Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food Mode

My mom got a new camera last week and we were playing around with it.  We were surprised to find that it had a "food mode" for taking pictures of food.  My dad and PJ were confused as to why you would want to take a picture of food, and what difference a "food mode" would make.  I had to explain that Pioneer Woman takes pictures of food all the time for her blog, and she even has a tutorial on taking pictures of food. So we did an experiment, and took a picture of my mom's cake in regular mode and in food mode.  The results were amazing.  The "food mode" picture looked way more appetizing and less washed out.  Now, I was jealous, I wanted a "food mode" on my camera! We decided that the only difference was the way that the camera flashed.  So I improvised and put my finger on part of my flash.  FOOD MODE!!! The results are below. (Sorry Becky, I know you are not food.)

Doesn't she just look Delicious!

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Christopher said...

Maybe a little heavy on the "sass," but otherwise very tasty!