Friday, July 31, 2009

My new baby girl......

Her name changes on an hourly basis. Jenny, Jada, Ronnie................ We need help.  Any suggestions? Please leave suggestions in the comments.  There might be a prize in it if we choose your suggestion........

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Food Mode

My mom got a new camera last week and we were playing around with it.  We were surprised to find that it had a "food mode" for taking pictures of food.  My dad and PJ were confused as to why you would want to take a picture of food, and what difference a "food mode" would make.  I had to explain that Pioneer Woman takes pictures of food all the time for her blog, and she even has a tutorial on taking pictures of food. So we did an experiment, and took a picture of my mom's cake in regular mode and in food mode.  The results were amazing.  The "food mode" picture looked way more appetizing and less washed out.  Now, I was jealous, I wanted a "food mode" on my camera! We decided that the only difference was the way that the camera flashed.  So I improvised and put my finger on part of my flash.  FOOD MODE!!! The results are below. (Sorry Becky, I know you are not food.)

Doesn't she just look Delicious!

Love is a Battlefield

As most of you have read on Facebook, PJ took me to a Pat Benatar concert.  Before we went to the concert we went out to dinner at Red Lobster.  For some reason that I can't fully explain now, I ordered the shrimp jumbalaya.  PJ ordered the a crab alfredo which was good, but not great.  My dinner was horrible, so I took all of the shrimp out and put it in PJ's pasta and we shared it. (By the way, PJ for the first time in his life, ordered the 1/2 order of pasta instead of the full order.) The waitress came back and noticed that I had not eaten much of my meal.  She asked "How was it?" I said, "Not very good."  She said "Oh, I know. Nobody likes that."  This information would have been wonderful back when I ordered my meal. She goes on to say, "hopefully its not on the menu much longer, they always put these weird new things on that don't taste very good, and then they get rid of them." We left Red Lobster hungry and giggling.

My Ginormous Handbag

I fell in love with this fabric when PJ and I stopped at Craft Warehouse before the big Pat Benatar concert.   I had to have it, and I was determined to use it and not just add it to my "I had to have it" fabric pile.  I made this cute bag which turned out to be huge, and when I have a huge bag, somehow I end up filling it up, and when it is filled up, I can never find my wallet.  Anyway, I still love it, but I think I might have to make a smaller bag, so it doesn't take me a half hour to pay for my groceries.  

Love is a Battlefield.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Walmarch Butterflies

One of Will's favorite hobbies is the catching of various insects and other critters.  The other day we were at my mom's house where he has the good fortune of using a very large net (I believe it is meant for fishing).  As I gazed out the window I could see the net moving to and fro in the air.  He came in the house very excited shouting " I saw a Walmarch butterfly!!" I said, "A what?" He again said, "A Walmarch butterfly!!" "Oh, you mean a Monarch butterfly!" Without a second thought he ran back outside. "I'm gonna catch one of those Walmarch butterflies!"

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday Wishes....

Today I asked Ellis what he wanted for his birthday.  He proceeded to recite a long list of things that I'm not sure actually exist.  The following is just a snippet of his wishes....

1. A sand dollar that a crab comes out of 
2. A toy Hulk that is eating somebody
3. Jaws toy with a red button that you push and it sings and blood spurts out and there is a guy coming out of its mouth
4. A remote control spider with a guy getting eaten
5. A game with a star fish that attacks an octopus
6. Cool clothes that have fire on them and a dragon and cats being eaten by the dragon on them (our cat just walked by at that point)
7. A DVD that I could learn to hunt for everything when I grow up
8. A toy buff guy getting eaten by me
9. Remote control alien
10. A toy human that doesn't get attacked by Godzilla

Friday, July 3, 2009


These are my latest cards for my card club.  I spent all day working on them.  I just really like little cupcake prints.  I think I need to find some cupcake fabric and make a really frilly 50's style apron.......

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swimmin' Lessons

Today was Ellis' last day of swimming lessons.  He went from being terrified of putting his head underwater to jumping off of the diving board in 4 short days.  He was very excited to show his dad his report card and said "I'm in level 2 now!" The only thing he needed to work on is the following: Safe Entry/Exit- Sit, Listen, Wait. I could have told her that..... :)