Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Birthday Wishes....

Today I asked Ellis what he wanted for his birthday.  He proceeded to recite a long list of things that I'm not sure actually exist.  The following is just a snippet of his wishes....

1. A sand dollar that a crab comes out of 
2. A toy Hulk that is eating somebody
3. Jaws toy with a red button that you push and it sings and blood spurts out and there is a guy coming out of its mouth
4. A remote control spider with a guy getting eaten
5. A game with a star fish that attacks an octopus
6. Cool clothes that have fire on them and a dragon and cats being eaten by the dragon on them (our cat just walked by at that point)
7. A DVD that I could learn to hunt for everything when I grow up
8. A toy buff guy getting eaten by me
9. Remote control alien
10. A toy human that doesn't get attacked by Godzilla

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