Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dos de Mayo

I am addicted to making cake pops. I need to join a 12 step program. I had a little Cinco de Mayo get together last night, ( I know that would make it a Dos de Mayo party, but whatever,) and I made these cute little chili pepper pops, with pretzel stems. What else could I make into a cake pop? Maybe I will make a replica of PJ's head for his birthday...............


Notice Ellis' puffy left cheek in the picture below. Notice also the sequins taped to his chin. When asked "What's on your face?" His reply, "Oh, those are my extra eyes."

Back to the puffy cheek. On Tuesday he had a filling and was numb on the left side of his face. Well, sometime while he was still numb, he bit the inside of his cheek and it became infected. On Thursday I took him to the walk-in clinic. The doctor asked me if he had any allergies to medications and I said no. "But, I am allergic to monsters aaaand spiders," replied Ellis. He then proceeded to describe the spider trap he had created earlier at daycare. "I used a truck and put some food in it, but the spider didn't come out yet." Doctor-"What kind of food did you put in it?" Ellis-"A boxelder bug. Then Gabe tried to put the truck away. He didn't know it was a trap."