Sunday, March 22, 2009

Waiting for Jilly Bean

On Monday I received a phone call from PJ that Becky was being "seduced." You see, my phone was not working and so my mother called PJ to tell me that my niece would soon be born. I drove to Spokane with Mom after work and we picked up Alyssa and went to the hospital.

March 16th 2009

*8:00 pm- Arrived at hospital. We parked next to Becky's car and notice the sunroof was open and it was snowing. (Yes it was snowing in March. Crazy.)

8:15 pm- Find Becky's room. Visit. Josh gets some coffee. Coffee stinks. Becky gets irritated.

9:00 pm- Make Becky laugh too hard. Blood pressure increases. Get kicked out by nurse.

9:45 pm- I go check on Becky. Josh goes to get more stinky coffee. Give Becky a minute by minute run down of how big her contractions are. Becky threatens to puke. Josh comes back.

10:30 pm- Start eating snacks from the vending machine in the waiting room. Drink some stinky coffee. Alyssa tries the "Munchies" from the vending machine. I also try the "Munchies" without knowing Alyssa tried the "Munchies". Discover that we both try the "Munchies." Chuckle. Think that's funny.

10:45 pm- Mom gets Salt and Vinegar Potato chips. Alyssa says "I almost got those." Chuckle. Think that's funny.

11:00 pm- Alyssa gets Salt and Vinegar Potato chips.

11:15 pm- I start wandering.

11:30 pm- I get a granola bar. Think it is stale. Eat it anyway.

11:45 pm- Josh comes out. Gives Mom a hug. Needs a snack. "The Munchies are good." Doesn't take my advice. Gets a granola bar. Bad idea.

12:00 am- Mom and I get tired of waiting room. Wander down the hall. Wait outside Becky's room. Nurses don't like that. Josh tells us it is almost time to push. We can go in and talk to Becky and then we need to go away.

March 17, 2009
12:15 am- Mom gets some cookies.

12:35 am- I wander around the hall.

12:45 am- Mom offers to give Alyssa $100 bucks to take the St. Patty's hat off the receptionists counter and dance down the hall. Offer refused.

1:00 am- I wander around the hall.

1:15 am- I wander around the hall. Act like I am going to grab the St. Patty's hat. Look back and smile at Alyssa and Mom who are watching me.

1:30 am- Mom and I are bugging Alyssa. Alyssa is irritated.

1:45 am- I wander around the hall. Listen briefly at Becky's door. Report back that she is still pushing.

2:00 am- I wander around the hall.

2:30 am- I wander around the hall.

2:50 am- I over hear the nurse say "Baby girl born at 2:45 am, Simmons." Run and report.

3:00 am- I wander around the hall. Hear baby cry, not sure whose.

3:15 am- I wander around the hall. Dr. takes pity on me and asks "Have you seen the baby yet?" Goes in the wrong room to see if I can come in. Is corrected. I see JILLIAN!!!!!!!

3:35 am- I smuggly go tell Mom that I saw her. Send her in. Alyssa refuses. Doesn't want to get in trouble.

3:40 am- I try to talk her into going in. She still refuses. Go tell Mom. Mom goes and gets her. Visit.

4:00 am- Leave hospital.

*NOTE: Times are approximate. It may not have happened exactly like this, but this is how I choose to remember it.

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