Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chuck E. Cheese (or "My Child May Drive Me to Drink")

Well, we just got back from an exhausting freestyle wrestling tournament. No medals were taken home, but Ellis had an excuse to wear his singlet all day long. (When asked if he was going to wrestle he replied "Yes, I am right now.") We only lost him twice at the tournament and once at Chuck E. Cheese. Somehow the little rascal made it all the way into the games without being stamped (children are stamped with a number that matches their parent's for security purposes.) He was found a short time later watching a little girl ride in a toy jeep as he was "shooting animals" with his pretend rifle.

After being seated and letting the kids play, we all looked around again, wondering where Ellis was, and then I looked up at the big screen where my child was standing on a chair with his butt sticking out spanking himself, for the whole restaurant to see. (Of course I hurried to get my camera, but I missed the action.)

I have opened up comments to the public so feel free to leave a comment. As soon as I get ten I will post a Guitar Hero video per Tyler's request.


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