Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello? Anyone There?

I'm just curious, as to who exactly is reading this blog. If you would be kind enough to leave a comment, I will be sure to post some embarrassing pictures of PJ from high school, or something cool like that. This will only happen if I get at least 10 responses. The challenge is on!


Anonymous said...

Yipee - I am first. Tyler is still waiting for the Rock Band Video!! Maybe something embarrasing of PJ would be good too! Take Care - Kathy

Kristi said...

I always wonder the same thing about my blog...I actually came your way via comments on Bakerella--wanted to see your chili pepper pops. Kudos! :)

Mrs. T said...

I found your blog through Bakerella's too! I am a teacher and avid baker as well.