Saturday, December 6, 2008

Confession from the P to the J.............

If you had the privelege to spend Thanksgiving with my lovely family, you probably tried the "original" Corn Bread Casserole created "originally" by my wonderful husband of 10 years. He came up with this "original" recipe all on his own, with many compliments from the Thanksgiving guests.

GASP!!!!!! It was all a fraud. I know you can't believe it. I had a hard time dealing with it myself. My dear, dear husband got the recipe from a coworker and claimed it as his own. I know it is hard to believe that my fully forthright and truthful husband would ever lie to anyone, but it is so.

He came clean a few days later ...... He: "I have a confession to make." Me: "You didn't make up the recipe for Corn Bread Casserole." He: "How did you know?" Me:"I know you better than you know yourself."

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