Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fortune Cookie Tutorial

I made these candy filled fortune cookies for my son's class for Valentine's Day. I got the idea here but wanted to use patterned fabric instead of felt. This is how I did it.
For this Project you will need: 1 6"X6" piece of fabric for the outside, 1 6"X6" piece of fabric for the inside, a piece of Heat N Bond, a 5" piece of wire and a 6" diameter bowl for tracing.
After tracing your bowl onto the Heat N Bond, iron it on the wrong side of your lining fabric and cut out.
Peel the backing paper off, and center the wire in the middle of the circle.
Iron your outside fabric to the lining circle, and cut it even with the lining.
Fold the circle as shown.
Fill with candies and a message, and fold to look like a fortune cookie.

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