Sunday, January 1, 2012

Replacement Head

I have the hardest time getting a picture where all of the boys are smiling and not goofing off. (Ellis. When I say "the boys" I mean Ellis.) I got one good shot of Ellis being semi normal, but the proportions were wrong for printing an 8X10. I would have to cut the boys legs off and I wasn't really feeling the amputation vibe.

This picture worked better for cropping to 8X10, but Ellis was being a Dorkasaurus Rex and was looking down, so I didn't want to print them off and give them as gifts.

Sooooo, I cut his head off and replaced it with the first one. Thank you Photoshop Elements for saving the day!

Now that I look at the pictures next to each other, I think I made his head too big. Oh well.

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