Monday, August 22, 2011


I have decided that I want to be a cool runner. I have started the from couch to 5K program and downloaded this app for my iPhone. I have never been able to run for more than 2 minutes in my life. I just figured I was physically unable to run. I feared that I would die. The last time I tried running I had what I thought was a stroke (turns out it was a complex migraine, which had nothing to do with the running).

On Sunday I did day 1 of the program and I am still alive. I went 2 miles on the treadmill without stopping, even though I had to pee every time I ran. The app is super cool and tells you when to walk and when to run. I downloaded a few songs to motivate me. I really like Maroon 5's new song Moves Like Jagger. What songs pump you up for a run?

Wish me luck. Peace out.

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