Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Backpack Backpack!

I have started my quest to create my very first pattern. So far so good. I chose this cute ladybug fabric for my little girly backpack. (Oh me oh my, who could I possibly give a girly little backpack to? Hint: It rhymes with Silly.)
I decided how big I wanted to make it and measured out pattern pieces from paper, and cut them out.

I decided this little girly backpack should be lined in red. I sandwiched the zipper between the ladybug fabric and the red lining. and sewed.
Then, I added some red piping on the ends of the zipper. This is the top and sides of the backpack. Can you picture it?
This is the reverse side.
I have just started pinning the piping onto the front of the backpack. This is probably as far as I will get tonight.
I'm trying to figure out how to hide my lining seams since I have already started sewing the lining in. I may not be able to. Just one of the many design flaws I am bound to come across during this process. Wish me luck!

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