Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fair Performers

I didn't realize how entertaining my youngsters were to other people until this evening at the Grant Count Fair. We decided to take in a show or two, and one of the acts was called "Brothers with Different Mothers."  They asked for a volunteer between the ages of 4 and 8 years old.  My youngest son proceeded to jump up and down with a red balloon tied to his wrist. Needless to say he was chosen, and they had to remove the balloon and a corn-dog stick from his tight grasp before he could help them out.

(I know the picture is blurry. I never claimed to be a photographer.) "What's your name," they asked, "Is that Ellis or Elvis?"  "Oh, like the island." The Brothers proceeded to put a metal spiked helmet on his head, and two lollipop sticks in his hands.  He then had to stand still while they spun three balls on his body. No small feat for a squirrely 5 year-old boy.
He did everything they asked and at the end his prize was a Ricky Martin trading card.  He is very fond of that card.  If you ask him if you can see it he says "Just look, don't touch." The Brothers then asked for another young volunteer, and chose Will because his t-shirt says "Save a tree, don't do homework." Willy did a quiz show with questions such as "What is your favorite number?" and "Who is the cutest on this stage?" 

Willy left the stage with a signed poster.  But if you ask Ellis, he got a waaaaay better prize.

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